Saturday, 19 October 2013

Exciting work from Colour and Texture workshop

Sally Baldwin

My Working with oils - Colour and Texture Workshop on Friday 18th October

 included a group of both professional and amateur artists who were keen to learn new skills to enhance their own practice.  Several of the students hadn't worked in oils before and  they enjoyed the experience of exploring the qualities of the medium and investigating different techniques of applying the paint to the canvas and creating a varied range of marks.

Hilary Barclay

After experimenting with colour mixing exercises in the morning, the students choose a limited colour palette for each of the 2 paintings they worked on. The paintings drew reference from drawings of the landscape produced during the day and also from their own drawings and photographs.

Sarah Acock

The objective was for students to have a new approach to painting by exploring how to mix a unique range of colours and building up layers of paint using a variety of tools with which to make different marks, including palette knives, rollers, rags, sticks, hands as well as a range of different types of brushes.

Gill Mitchell

The results at the end of this very full on day were stunning and individual with each students pushing the boundaries of their comfort zones to create new and exciting work.

I will be repeating this workshop early in the new year. for more information
contact Sara Bor  HERE